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Log into Moodle using multi-factor authentication

From November 2023, Dyslexia Action's Moodle website will require that you log in using multi-factor authentication (MFA).


What is multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

MFA is a security concept where access to a system or resource is granted using two or more pieces of authentication. If you use online banking, you would have already experienced MFA; for example, you will log in with a username, password, and code received via SMS. The multiple factors are something you know (password) and something you have (SMS).

What MFA options are available for me?

You will have two options to receive codes to log into Moodle:
  1. Email.
  2. Authenticator app.
By default, all users will receive codes via email; however, users may receive codes via an authenticator app if they wish to.

How do I log into Moodle using MFA?

Please note: the following images may look slightly different to how Dyslexia Action's Moodle does.

Code received via email

Enter your username and password and click 'Log in'.

You will then be directed to a page asking for a verification code. You will receive an email containing your verification code.

Enter the code and click 'Verify code'.

You will then be logged into Moodle.

Code received via an authenticator app

Enter your username and password and click 'Log in'.

You will be presented with a page asking you to enter your verification code. Open your 2FA app, enter the code displayed for your account, and click "Verify code".

You will then be logged in.

How do I setup MFA?

Code received via email

By default, you will receive MFA codes via email. There is no setup required from yourself.

Code received via an authenticator app

There is no requirement for you to setup MFA using an authenticator app; however, you may wish to do so for the increased level of security this provides over email based MFA.

You will need access to a smartphone and an authenticator app. If you do not already use one, popular apps include Authy (Android, iOS) and Google Authenticator (Android, iOS).

Visit the Preferences page by clicking your user icon in the top right corner of Moodle and clicking Preferences.

Click the link for "Multi-factor authentication preferences".

Click the button for "Setup App".

Enter a name to identify the app or device you are setting up to generate codes.

Open your preferred app, select the option to add an account, and scan the QR code.

Enter the generated code and click "Save changes".

Help if you can't login

I've changed phone and/or authenticator app and my login code doesn't work

At the login prompt, select "I don't have my device". You will then be sent a verification code via email. Login using this verification code. 

Once you have successfully logged in, navigate to Preferences, then "Multi-factor authentication preferences". 

Click revoke on the app/device you no longer have access to. Setup your new app/device by following the instructions above.

No verification email codes are being received by my inbox

In the unlikely event your email inbox is not receiving verification codes, please submit a ticket or email

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