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  1. Do you know how I can increase the font print size for the Moodle daily forum emails please?

  2. How do I change my email address?

  3. How do I change my password?

  4. How do I compress my pictures in Powerpoint?

  5. How do I compress pictures in Word document.

  6. How do I convert the PowerPoint file notes page into a Word format, initially, to incorporate into the document

  7. How do I count words in a PDF document?

  8. How do I cut and paste from a pdf document to a word document?

  9. How do I edit a PDF document?

  10. How do I increase the font size on my Moodle pages?

  11. How do I print the contents of a topic within my course?

  12. How do I resubmit an assignment?

  13. How do I upload my assignment?

  14. How do I upload my profile picture?

  15. How to compress a video using Handbrake on a Windows computer.

  16. I am using a Mac, how do I zip files

  17. I am using Internet Explorer 6, why can I not use Moodle properly?

  18. I am using Open Office, but I cannot open a document

  19. I am using Safari on my Apple computer and my uploading will not work

  20. I cannot view a PDF document

  21. I don't know my password?

  22. I forgot my Moodle login details.

  23. I had the following message: Your session has timed out. Please try again. I did so in vain. Please, can you help?

  24. I have finished a course and I no longer want to receive any Daily Forum digests, what do I do?

  25. I have not been able to access any of the PDF as they do not work in Chrome browser?

  26. I have problems logging in.

  27. I have requested a new password on Moodle, but I still cannot log in.

  28. I use a Macbook, > so the PDF X-Change Viewer won't work for me as it is Windows based.

  29. I was composing a forum message and when I came to send it - it sent me an error message saying it hadn't been able to send?

  30. Information required to contact Moodle Support

  31. Is there a way you can block things out on a PDF file?

  32. JSON String Error

  33. Log into Moodle using multi-factor authentication

  34. What format do I need my video to be in when uploading it on to MailBigFile?

  35. What is difference between KB, MB and GB?

  36. What is Open Office?

  37. When accessing a PDF document the screen keeps jumping and none of the icons work and document is not there.

  38. Where can I find some video tutorials on Moodle?

  39. Where is the Moodle Guided Tour video.

  40. Whilst on a page, my details keep overlapping, what is the problem?

  41. Why am I not receiving my Moodle Forum Daily Digests on email?

  42. Why can't I open a Acrobat Adobe PDF document?

  43. Why can't I see all my modules under 'My courses'?

  44. Why can't I upload a file?

  45. Why can't I view the videos on my course?

  46. Why copying and pasting doesn't work?

  47. Why do some of my documents open up in Google Docs and I can't view the document?

  48. Why does Moodle keep logging me and out?

  49. Why haven't I received feedback for my assignment?

  50. Why is my assignment showing as draft?

  51. Why is my course not listed under MY COURSES?

  52. Why is my Moodle page not loading?

  53. Why won't my assignment upload?

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